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Fokker Services Americas is one of the worlds largest Aerospace MRO & overhaul services providers. Fokker Services has facilities in Europe (the Netherlands), North America (LaGrange, USA) and Singapore that combine a heritage of OEM (design) knowledge and comprehensive in-house component MRO support to performance based aircraft programs. These MRO facilities focus on avionics, pneumatic, hydraulic, fuel and electronic components plus a wealth of services on interiors and upholstery parts, passenger seats, cockpit seats, structure parts, flight controls and composites for many regional and commercial aircraft types. Our engineering know-how, allied with sophisticated reliability monitoring tools allows us to develop additional repair methods. These repairs use high quality parts, and implement preventive maintenance procedures to ensure that the components are repaired with maximum cost-effectiveness. Companies like Fokker Services, knows CedarCross Media is one of the best in the business of video production and marketing content. Contact us today for your marketing content creation needs. For business inquiries ONLY, contact us here: Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube