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CedarCross Media is a company of directors, filmmakers, photographers and artists devoted to visual innovation and creative storytelling. 

We have been creating influential and award winning hunting shows, commercials, branding content and documentaries since founder Corey Faulkner opened the company's doors.  

CedarCross Media's team is a rock solid team of creative storytellers and have worked with the world's biggest brands and shows to create life changing experiences. As a company, we strive to cultivate the most imaginative and accomplished talent while forging a strong bond with our clients and offering the highest level of production.  



TOP 7:


7: Create engaging content

Capture attention, convey meaning, and add value.  Is our content meaningful?  Does it bring value to the people watching it? Highly engaging content is capable of capturing the viewer’s attention for a long duration of time. Thus, making it a part of inbound marketing strategy is a great way of more efficiently spreading the word about your products, message, story, and lifestyle.

6: Add sizzle

We consider content quality, audio quality, music, effects and camera aesthetics in every project we produce.  It is true that content trumps aesthetics, but sizzle is important as it creates additional ways to hold a viewers attention. 

5: Incorporate branding

Once a client has made the commitment to invest in creating a branding impact, we make sure how clearly the brand message will be viewed, how the clients brand will be mentioned, or how new viewers can contact the brand. It is very important to include this with all of our commercials/videos, this way when someone does view a clients commercial, they know who did them and can see a pattern of brand identity associated with the clients unique content.

4: Make an emotional connection

Emotional connections trump expense. Emotional connection is more important than anything else when you are thinking about ROI and commercial success. This connection allows a client to reach out to an audience and connect with them in a manner that text simply doesn’t allow.  People remember how they feel more than what was said.

3: Be concise

Saying to much sometimes does more harm than good. The average persons attention span is around 6 seconds, so keeping each edit (frame) its best to stay under 6 seconds and the overall length of a clients commercial/video as short as possible. A good rule of thumb is to stay under is 3 minutes with an optimal length of between 90 seconds to 2 1/2 minutes.

2: Be clear

Have you ever talked to a person and they were all of over the map in their conversation? Well branding, commercial/video content is no different, clarity takes the cake. Being clear is the extremely important when we are storyboarding for a client. We address all of the aspects and points we have outlined in the content strategy and goals. 

1: Determine the goal of our clients branding commercial/video

What is the purpose of the brand, the commercial/video? Is it designed to build brand awareness, draw traffic to a web site, create conversions and scale your business.   


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