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CedarCross Media is a Visual Arts / Digital Advertising, Marketing Agency located in LaGrange Ga. just 50 miles south of Atlanta, Ga. CedarCross Media is not your typical Video Production company. We pride ourselves on being the best at what we do. We are creative minded individuals with a passion for marketing and storytelling. We are naturally creative and we have saturated ourselves in marketing, branding, film, photography, and design strategies to hone our skills to perfection. In todays fast pace evolving market, companies of all types and sizes need new creative thinking in order to stand out. That is where we come in, we work to bring fresh creative concepts to the table that will help you grow your company and your brand to life. We specialize in generating dynamic content for all markets that have a story to tell and brand image to build. No matter what the project is, we have the tools and experts to help you build a memorable brand experience. We always aim to help you build your brand and keep it relevant in a constantly envolving market. No matter what the project, whether it be a commercial, short film, documentary, photography, logo design, or animation, we work to ensure that your message is clear, creative, identifies your brand and connects with your audience across all media types.

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