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CedarCross Media, LLC is a Visual Arts / Digital Advertising, Marketing Agency located in LaGrange Ga. just 50 miles south of Atlanta, Ga. CedarCross Media, LLC is not your typical Video Production company. We pride ourselves on being the best at what we do. We are creative minded individuals with a passion for marketing and storytelling. We are naturally creative and we have saturated ourselves in marketing, branding, film, photography, and design strategies to hone our skills to perfection. In todays fast pace evolving market, companies of all types and sizes need new creative thinking in order to stand out. That is where we come in, we work to bring fresh creative concepts to the table that will help you grow your company and your brand to life. We specialize in generating dynamic content for all markets that have a story to tell and brand image to build. No matter what the project is, we have the tools and experts to help you build a memorable brand experience.

A friendly, talented, and experienced group. They do amazing work!

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Our Team

You may ask yourself why does each employee within our organization  have an unknown name, let me explain. Our response is simple. We are the talents behind the scenes, the talents that tell a story in a way that triggers a reaction by the smallest of creatives. Our soul mission on every project is to stay unknown and let God work through us driving our passions and visions, when you see our work you don’t see us, our talents, nor our experiences, you see the one and only thing that matters in life and that is the work of God. No matter the relationship, the project, or the goal, our stance on life is simple, “Less of us and MORE of HIM”.  So our names are not that important, only the mission is. But if you have to know our names, feel free to connect with us and we will be glad to provide them:) 
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